Vocational Training

We have an opportunity to provide sewing machines, supplies, and specialized machines to the orphanage.  These will be used to teach the older girls a skill that they can then turn into a job.  This is huge!  One of the contributors to the orphan crises in the Congo is that women cannot provide for their families without a husband.  Teaching the girls to sew is one step further in ending the cycle of poverty for these sweet children.  We need your help!  Please consider donating today!  

sewing 2.jpg

January Food Delivery

So this month we were a little behind schedule getting the food delivery to the orphanage. It was because I had the flu, MLK day, and our debit card was stolen. I didn’t think much about it. This weekend I got pictures of our food delivery. Along with the pictures was a message from one of the little girls thanking us for the food because they were about to run out of food. Apparently, the kids and staff were all wondering where their next meal was going to come from. The orphanage director said that when our friend Dido called and told them the food was on its way, the kids all started screaming and jumping with excitement. You can see in these pictures how happy they are.

I haven’t ever wondered where my next meal was coming from. There have been times when I didn’t have anything to cook, but I can always just hop in the car and pick up Chick-fil-a or something. I’ve never once worried about whether or not I would have food.

I’m a little overwhelmed that so many children rely on me and my support network for food. It scares me and humbles me beyond words. But, I’m not going to let fear stop me.

If you watch the video you can see the little girl telling us that they were out of food and are so thankful. Behind the girl’s shoulder is another little girl with a red backpack. Next to that little girl is Platini, (with praying hands) who is one of the brother’s of Exauce and Marina. I don’t usually point them out in pictures, but this time it’s hit close to home.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated and enabled us to feed these precious kids. We are forever grateful!!



We'd like to take a few posts to introduce you to some of the children at Amiband.  This is Mardoche.  He is 2 1/2 years old, and was placed in the orphanage by social services.  His favorite food is fufu.  (You can see a big pot of fufu at the top of our What We Do page.)   He's a healthy little boy who loves playing with toys.